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QHAPAC - Consulting

Community Relations Consulting Service

In a context marked by a social and political conflicts, whose source of existence is the disagreement of interests, the organizations must be capable of keeping and focusing their efforts on the course of the business, on creating a good work environment inside and "outside" with the main social actors. That involves to have healthy communication that creates value added.


Depending on the context on which the company or a certain Project is, Qhapac Consulting gives companies, through its community relations consulting service, the following:

Human Resources Management

According to our knowledge of the Peruvian job market, that starts from the identified needs in the diverse interviewed mining companies, we have included the Integral Consulting service in the Human Resources department, which will allow the mining companies on the first stage of Exploring and Project, to receive a daily consulting service.


Where the needs of the company are being attended on its first stage, such as: