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QHAPAC - Consulting

Qhapac Consulting

"Human Value & Social Value"

We develop, in a specialized way, the consulting management in community relations so that the companies reach powerful communication and relations with healthy bonds for the inclusive development as well as for participative development with the Communities on their field of influence.

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Inclusive Business Projects

Inclusive Business Projects - QHAPAC - Consulting
Qhapac Consulting stands out for its experience in design, implementation, start-up and monitoring of Inclusive Business in Communities. That allows to create economical value...
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Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Assessment - QHAPAC - Consulting
An effective assessment of the social impact of a certain Project reduces the risks and saves money. This helps to secure that the resources and attention are focused on most needed areas...
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Strategy Designs

Strategy Design  - QHAPAC - Consulting
Qhapac Consulting has experience in the design of specific strategies, in their implementation as well. Our experience covers key topics of social management such as...
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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services - QHAPAC - Consulting
Qhapac Consulting has experience in the development of policies and norms of social responsibilities for companies. This service is given through its outsourcing service...
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Personnel Search Service

Personnel Search Service - QHAPAC - Consulting
The human value is the foundation of an organization in continuous growth, in Qhapac Consulting we cooperate with you in the process of incorporation of new professionals in accordance with...
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Coaching, Career Booster

Coaching, Career Booster - QHAPAC - Consulting
Create human and social value through the strengthening of the individual from its participation in organizations is our vision of adding up value in the companies. Therefore, our job is focused on creating...
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Human Resourses Management

Human Resourses Management - QHAPAC - Consulting
According to our knowledge of the Peruvian job market, that comes from the identified needs in several interviewed mining and energy Companies, we have included the Integral Consulting Service...
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