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QHAPAC - Consulting

Who are we?

We are a solidarity entity committed to serving others. We are committed to creating and identifying the human and social values. We develop, in a specialized way, the consulting management in community relations so that the companies reach powerful communications and relations with healthy bonds for the inclusive development as well as for participative development with the Communities on their field of influence.

Integral Consulting Service in Community Relations

The current situation of the mining sector, marked by social and political conflict, whose source of existence is the disagreement of interests, forces companies to take more creative and innovative strategies in a scenario where the economical, social and participative inclusion becomes a key factor in order to join interest and achieve a symbiosis with the Communities.


Qhapac Consulting has developed a modern and efficient method based on the Community coexistence to influence and impact positively acting as a sponsor for the Mining Companies. This includes the prevention of conflict and the creation of positive and powerful communication integrally in all levels of the involved actors. That will allow us to propose a strategy of intervention for the future and that Mining Companies can concentrate its efforts in the course of the business.


Our model targets the involvement of internal and external actors through our Drilling Works with Social License Project. The Qhapac Consulting methodology will permit the development of social inclusion and economical inclusion through the transfer and creation of technical and technological abilities, which will land in the sustainability in times of the Project.


Our goal is to transform the possibility of conflict or where conflict exists into an opportunity for the better development of the Communities and the benefit that this represents for the Mining Companies. In short, it is to achieve a symbiosis with the Communities.